If you are looking to make a consignment appointment Click HERE to be taken to Calendly and then click "Consignment Appointment". IF YOU HAVE NEVER CONSIGNED WITH US PLEASE CALL OUR INFORMATION LINE AT 377-3133 AND LISTEN TO THE RECORDING FIRST! Please read all the information on the Calendly site when you are booking your appointment. We will have also have walk-in Monday consignment days this season STARTING MONDAY MARCH 13TH! THIS WILL CONTINUE THROUGH JUNE 19TH. WE TAKE THE FIRST 50 CONSIGNORS ONLY~SOMETIMES THAT IS BY 11:00! You may drop off 20 items- cleaned, pressed & hung on hangers. You may use a bag or basket for household items. The hours for this are 10AM-3PM- OR UNTIL WE HAVE TAKEN 50 CONSIGNORS! If you cannot return that same day- choose another Monday! THERE IS A $10 FEE IF YOU DO NOT RETURN TO PICK UP YOUR NO THANK YOU'S ON THE SAME DAY. Walk-in days are 20 items only! You may only book ONE appointment every 30 days. We do this to be fair to other Consignor's that need an appointment. You may take advantage of walk-in Mondays every week ONCE THEY START! This have nothing to do with scheduled appointments. We will let you know in advance if there is a Monday that the Marking Room will not be accepting Walk-in's.


Lu's Frequently Asked Questions


What Items Will You Accept?

We specialize in the resale of new or like new clothing, shoes & boots, handbags & accessories, jewelry, home decor, small furniture items, books, bedding, and clothing for men, women, and children. Your items must be current styles - typically no more than three years old.

How Should I Bring My Items to Lu's?

All clothing items must be freshly washed, ready to wear, and in near-new condition. They should be wrinkle-free, smoke free, and damage free. We are very selective about the items we accept, so we can ensure the quality of our inventory and the great reputation of our store. We hand-select items based on what sells best in our store, and what we have learned from years of experience. Please bring your clothing items to Lu's on hangers or in laundry baskets (we give them back). Non-clothing items may be brought in laundry baskets or shopping bags. Per our consignment contract "if you bring in items that you have not pressed or steamed and they are wrinkled and need attention before going out on the floor we will charge your account $1.00 per item that we need to steam."

Can I Return Something I've Purchased at Lu's?

We are not accepting returns at this time!  Our fitting rooms are open!

When Can I Bring Items In?

Our Marking Room/Consignment room hours are Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM. 

How Many Items Can I Bring At a Time? 

 Consignors may bring in up to 40 items once per day. We like to start new consignor accounts with five items or more, so it's best if you bring in at least ten items, since we may not be able to accept everything you bring in.

Who Sets the Selling Price of My Items?

When you consign with us, we are in business together. We will price your items as high as possible, yet still make them marketable. We set the selling price based on supply and demand - and what our customers are willing to pay. If you consign something very valuable, please bring it to our attention.

How Will I Know If My Items Have Sold?

You can call or stop in to check on your account anytime.  You may pick up a check ONCE every 30 days. If you pick up a check on September 10th, for example, you may not pick up another check until October 10th.

Can I Use My Consignor Check to Purchase Something at Lu's?

Absolutely! You may use your accumulated funds as store credit anytime. Paper checks are issued once every 30 days. Please see above for more information.

What Happens If My Items Do Not Sell?

You have the option of picking them up before the end of the season or leaving them to be donated to charity. If you choose to donate, a tax receipt for the full amount of the item(s) will be given in your name.

What Items Don't You Accept?

We do not accept items with brand labels removed, underwear or bras without new tags, suits or business clothing for men or women, baby bedding, car seats, tubs, cribs, or mattresses. We do not accept business clothing for Men or Women.