Spring season starts March 1st! Summer items coming soon to website.

How It Works

Lu's Back Door is a 50%-50% Consignment Shop.

Consignment is like a business partnership. When you bring your items to Lu's, we select the items we can sell and display them in our store. When they sell, we split the selling price with you 50/50.

What Lu's is Not

Lu's Back Door is NOT a thrift shop, a rummage shop, or a place to take all the stuff you don't want. We ARE the store for the special things that you loved but can no longer use. If an item has fallen from your favor because of old age, overuse or poor quality - recycle with a charity, church group, or perhaps another type of consignment store. Our Racks Are Our Reputation. We have more than a 94% success rate for sales...but we are very fussy. When you bring your items to Lu's, they will be merchandised, displayed, and sold for fair secondary market value. We are committed to the sale of your items. Your consignments will be valued and cared for.

Bringing Your Items to Lu's

When you bring your items to Lu's, ask yourself - are they perfect and ready for a new owner? Please present them to us in a way that shows you care - clothing items should be freshly washed, ironed, and on a hanger. NEVER bring items to Lu's in a trash bag.

New Consignors

If you are a new consignor bringing items to Lu's, we highly recommend you book an appointment. Plan to spend approximately 30 minutes in the store to fill out paperwork, have your items reviewed, and establish your account. You may bring in up to 20 items on your first visit, and we encourage you to bring at least 10 items to allow for items we might not be able to accept. On your first visit, we provide you with a printed receipt indicating what we've accepted, and hand you back the items we can't accept. Please do not leave without your receipt and your no-thank-you items..

Established Consignors

Once you have an established consignor account with Lu's, you may bring in up to 20 items once per day. The marking room is open Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM. Established consignors do not have to wait in the store to have their items reviewed, but must come back within 30 minutes of store closing the same day to pick up the items we can't accept. If you don't return the same day to pick up your items, a $5 donation fee will be charged to your account.

Standards of Acceptance

We maintain strict standards of acceptance for our merchandise in order to make sure our items are perfect and ready for a new owner. Adhering to these guidelines will increase the likelihood of your items being accepted at Lu's, and allow for a higher selling price. Here is a checklist to make sure your items are ready for Lu's:

  • Are the items you are bringing to Lu's three years old or newer?
  • Are your items freshly washed and stain-free?
  • Are your clothing items ironed and on a hanger, or folded neatly and placed in a laundry basket?
  • If you are bringing dresses to Lu's, are they freshly washed or dry cleaned, ironed, and on a hanger?
  • Have you checked and emptied pockets prior to washing?
  • If you are bringing glassware, dishes, or collectibles to Lu's, are they washed and ready for the table?